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Sample AutoHotKey script

Setting this up means Ctrl + Alt + c will copy currently highlighted text to the clipboard and add a wiki link to the source page to that text on the clipboard. This makes it easy to paste quotations from sources into commonplace subject pages with nice tidy links back to their sources. 

; Copy current text in OneNote and add URL link to end of text.
#IfWinActive, ahk_class Framework::CFrame
^!c::Send {Ctrl Down}{c}{Ctrl Up}{Alt Down}{c}{l}{Alt Up}

AutoHotKey is necessary due to limitations in the Office add-in model that make it impossible to take control of the keyboard copying API from within an add-in.

Note that this is a convenience purely for speedy and easy use of the add-in (particularly the adding of a link to the clipboard function), and AutoHotKey is not necessarily to use the add-in.

Detailed info forthcoming

I am currently working on a comprehensive write-up explaining commonplacing and how the add-in can be used in concert with AutoHotKey to automate some common tasks used by researchers commonplacing citations and quotations from books and other sources.

Background info

In the meantime, here are a couple of sources of info on commonplacing

The intent of my plug-in and commonplacing set up are to permit the use of OneNote in the manner described by Johnson of DevonThink:

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