This project is read-only.

Please note that this add-in doesn't work with OneNote 2013. Rather than updating this project, I am working on a new commonplacing app, which will tightly integrate with OneNote.

This project a useful example, however, of how to work with the OneNote document hiearchy, so the source should be continue to be useful to developers. And the functionality should continue to work in OneNote 2010 for those still using that version of Office.

Project Description
Microsoft OneNote 2010 add-in to enable keeping a tidy commonplace book (a way of storing research source material and quotations and then indexing/cross-referencing by subject).

Developed in C#.

  1. Tidy up plain text that has been OCR'd from a scanned text (removing end-of-line breaks and turning the text into a single OneNote paragraph.)
  2. Copy currently selected text for pasting into another page with a link back to the source document ()
  3. Standardize formatting of text that has been pasted in from sources with multiple kinds of styling and line spacing.

Use at your own risk, this is only very lightly tested. Fortunately, however, OneNote document changes made by add-ins can always be undone using Ctrl + Z. :)

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